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"Beneath the waters you shall find... a way to leave your world behind. Within the magical doorway's view... you will see how dreams do come true"    - Alexander R. Tipton

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Alexander's Second book 
The Fifth Age - Book Two: Fire and Ice is available. Pick up your copy today or download if from Amazon to any of your devices. Give it a read and leave feedback or chat with other fans on the author's facebook page.

Alexander's First book 

The Fifth Age - Book One : The Tournament

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The Story of Tipton Books

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born
February 25, 2012

For all their lives, Alexander and Angela had creative minds. Countless tales of magic, love, and adventure filled their childhood imaginations. It wasn't until February, 2012 that those minds met for the first time and took them down a journey of becoming writers. 

Imagination Comes to Life
May 11, 2012

While Alex first had the idea for the story that would eventually become The Fifth Age, in childhood, it wasn't until he told Angela about his vision that she encouraged him to put the thought to written word, and on May 11, 2012 the first chapter of 'The Tournament' was written.

A Mutual Passion
June, 2012

Sharing in Alex's passion, Angela dug deep in her files from Undergrad college, to find a book she had once started, but never competed. Despite their schedule with Grad-school, and full time work, both Angela and Alexander set down the magical journey of completing their first books. 

The Joys of Art
July 2013

With his first book nearly completed, Alex sought out the help of friend and Artist, Michael Scheoning to help construct the cover for the first book. 

Finally Published
February 28, 2015

Alex's first book, The Fifth Age (Book One) The Tournament is published and made available for purchase. 

Second Book Published
March 12, 2016

Alex's Second book, The Fifth Age (book 2) Fire and Ice, is published and made available for purchase

The Five Year Journey
March 26, 2017

Angela's First book, Dark Dreamer, is published and made available for purchase.

Alexander's third book comes to life.
July 1, 2017

Alexander's third book, The Fifth Age (book 3) Fall of the Paladin, is published and made available for purchase.

Tipton Media launches as independent media producer.  March, 28 2018

Tipton Books expands into multiple media outlets as a producer of blogs, Photography, Video, and books. 

Book Four Arrives
July 2, 2018

The Last Book in the Fifth Age Series is finally completed.

Collectors Edition
Aug 11, 2018

The Fifth Age Collectors Edition is released

Alexander and Angela begin work on their first ever joint title - Loveless
Jan 10, 2019


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