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Angela LM. Tipton

Angela lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband, 3 cats and 1 parrot intent on terrorizing the cats. She earned a B.S. in Biology from Pacific University and M.B.A. from Willamette University. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys traveling, running/hiking, camping, yoga and reading.

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Alexander R. Tipton

Alexander lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife. He earned a B.S. in Psychology from Western Oregon University and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Corban University. When he isn't writing Alex practices Mental Health in a private practice setting and does crisis work at a local Hospital Emergency Room.  He enjoys basketball, motor sports, and gardening. 

Teaser Chapter from The Fifth Age- Book Two: Fire and Ice

Chapter 43

Leif felt himself walking through what felt like an endless haze. He couldn’t remember how he had come to be there and nothing made any sense. All he knew was that he was fighting to get somewhere, somewhere far away and everything depended on it. He didn’t have time to stay in such a hazy and strange place. His mind seemed to race between images and memories as he struggled to make sense of what was around him. There was the ocean and waves below, but there was more: darkness, memories, and pain. It was jarring. He couldn’t shake the feeling of being hurried and danger being around every corner.

Memories of different events seemed to flash before his eyes in a very real way. It wasn’t like day dreaming; he had spent enough time doing that as a boy to know. It was different, as though his memories played in reality. It suddenly felt all too familiar. The darkness, the eternal feeling of being alone, of the cold; it all seemed to make its presence known.

The haze and water faded and it was as though he flew over a great city. He didn’t recognize it, but he had seen it many times in his dreams. The city was encased in flames and an immense tower rose up from its center. It felt eternal and majestic. Something seemed to beckon from within. No matter how many times he had seen it, he couldn’t help but tremble. No matter how many times he tried to convince himself it was all a dream to be woken up from, it felt that much more real.

The feeling of sheer terror seemed to accompany the tower. Something within seemed to call out to him, reaching into his very soul. He couldn’t describe it, but he prayed for it to stop. The feeling sucked the air from his lungs and turned his blood ice cold. There was a voice, but unlike any voice he had ever heard, it didn’t speak, but rather whispered unmistakable cruelties.

The tower overwhelmed his vision, blurring into an immense black hole that no light could escape from. He struggled, but it was no use. He could feel himself being drawn into the darkness. In what felt like an instant, he found himself standing adjacent to an old and strange mirror within a great hall. The transition had felt jarring, but he knew it had to be the inside of the tower, as he still heard the sinister whispers. They were louder and seemed to come from within the mirror.


The mirror was large, as it stood over a stretch above his head. It had intricate framing and seemed flawless in every way. Strange and ominous symbols were etched into the side. Something continued to bring his very mind to a state of terror.

The mirror seemed to whisper more in strange words to him. The words made no sense, but the sound was terrifying and sinister. The voices seemed to whisper and scream all at the same time as they got louder; partially calling out for help or warning, while others seemed to be beckoning to him. His hands shook in fear as he tried to back away. Everything still felt hazy and strange; it was otherworldly.

The mirror didn’t appear to reflect anything. It was as though it was a pure sheet of reflective glass, yet he couldn’t see himself in it. It was like looking into a reflective fog. Looking deeply into the shimmering surface, unrecognizable images seemed to form in the reflection. Shadows passed in the shimmering surface, but nothing around him moved. It was as though it wasn’t a mirror at all.

He strained to see, but couldn’t make it out as he gazed into what felt like an ocean of uncertainty and fear. As he looked, he began to feel overwhelmed with passion and emotion. The mirror seemed to refuse to show him what he wanted to see. As he leaned in further, the warmth given off finally gave way to a terrible chill. The glass seemed to reverberate and part as though it was water.

To Leif’s horror, a long, dark hand of bone and blackened flesh penetrated from the glass and reached for him. It was nothing like a skeleton’s hand. The hand wasn’t dead, or alive, but was wrong in every way; something not of the world.

Leif screamed and jerked back in fear. He panicked when he found he couldn’t move. The hand reached for him and he could feel his heart nearly break through his chest. The darkness and freezing cold began to surround his very soul, as the terror and agony of the moment became far too real to be a dream.

Just as the hand nearly grasped his throat, bright light began to perpetuate through the chamber....


Authored by: Alexander R. Tipton Copyright © 2016

Cover art by: Lynsey Thompson Copyright © 2016

This work is copyrighted material. No part of this book (including cover art) may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without expressed written permission from the author.

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