Dark Dreamer Series

Book One - Dark Dreamer


Garrett's twin sister, Shawna disappeared four years ago when they were just twelve years old. Since then, he has found himself at odds with the world around him as he adjusts to yet another move, this time to a little village in upstate New York. Even as he struggles with the memory of Shawna's loss, he begins to find that the little village is more dangerous than he ever knew, holding ancient secrets that have lasted generations. His new home is surrounded by unexplainable stories of deaths and disappearances. Fighting with uncertainty, the arrival of Garrett's best friend, Leif finally affords him some brief familiarity.


Then his entire reality is turned on its head when strange visitors arrive, forcing Garrett to flee his home and his family as he sets forth with Leif on the adventure of a lifetime. The world Garrett once knew collapses upon itself to reveal a whole new one, full of fantastic and spellbinding adventures that he could never have imagined. He enters a world where everything is governed by the power of dreams. As the world Garrett knows lies in a state of slumber by night, the spectacular and magical world of Somniverous awakes, using the power of dreams to create miracles. He soon finds himself at the center of a centuries old struggle between the forces of light and dark. He must train, battle, and struggle to survive in a new world that he never knew existed. He finds that the loss of his sister was no accident, and his entire life had more meaning than he ever realized.