The Fifth Age Series

The Fifth Age: Book One

The Tournament

The first book in the series introduces readers to Leif, a primary character in the series. Leif is an ordinary young man, living with his great aunt and cousin in a small trading town called Trinell in the Avox province of the Sovereign lands. We quickly find that Leif lives in a world populated by every day men and women, but also with half breed creatures, such as centaurs, large emu like creatures called mylar, and even powerful creatures of myth such as Griffins and Thunderbirds. There are those that have the skills and talent to work with magical energies, called casters. Leif often pays them little mind as he goes about the basic life of a hunter, often competing with his cousin.

His world however, is quickly turned upside down when he meets an old friend of his mother, a powerful Titan named Richard. He learns his mother was a caster and he possesses such abilities as well. He is invited to the Enormous and magical Capitol city of Civeleous where he attends the Academy of warriors and casters. The city a Mecca of magical and mystical artwork and caster classes, mystifies Leif instantly. Adorned with an enormous floating castle above it’s center, the Capitol is sure to draw readers in. The story follows Leif’s adventures learning the skills of a caster and meeting new friends. Everything changes however when his honor is challenged and he is cast into a violent and dangerous adventure of a lifetime competing in the Academy’s great Tournament, in which his skills are put to the ultimate test against other warriors and casters in combat. Just like the gladiators of ancient Rome, Leif and the other competitors must compete in violent and dangerous combat for the entertainment of the Capitol’s elite, as well as their own honor. Leif’s emotions are tested when he learns one of his friends has also entered the competition.

Things are not what they seem however, and he quickly finds himself as the center of a dark and mysterious plot that puts not only his own life on the line, but that of his friends. Readers will be taken on a thrill ride of fantasy and mystery, and even romance as they follow in Leif’s adventure discovering who he really is and how the very world in which he lives has come to be. Readers will get a fresh and unique feel to the traditional spell casting stories many of the genre has become accustomed to. They will be drawn into the mind of the character and live through the story through their eyes as they learn how to work with magic and experience violent combat in a very real and personal perspective. 

The Fifth Age: Book Two


Fire and Ice


Four years have passed since the events of “The Tournament.” Leif has grown into a powerful caster and returns to the Academy for the commencement celebration of a lifetime. Both he and all his friends are graduating and moving on from the Academy to take on the magical and spell binding world that awaits them. The celebration is over quickly however when a dark plot that began years past finally begins to come to light. The strength of a thought long extinguished power in the world has finally reached its peak as the Capitol is attacked without warning. The celebration is set asunder and Leif is separated from his friends. He is sent on the adventure of a lifetime that will push his skills with magic to their breaking point, test his friendships against all odds, and place the fate of the entire sovereign lands in his hands. With the Sovereign lands engrossed in sudden and merciless battle, it is quickly apparent that school is over and it is no longer a battle to pass a casting class but a battle to stay alive.


Separated from Leif, Serena must draw upon her allies and friends and help protect the city from the oncoming onslaught. A powerful and ancient weapon will become hers when the Empress chooses to test her Resolve. Serena must face impossible odds in her efforts to save the city, figure out the mystery of the attack, and help Leif in any way she can. The guilt that haunts her becomes a relentless reminder of the world that seemed to be burning down around her.


“Fire and Ice” reintroduces a familiar world in a whole new light with a host of new and exciting places, characters and adventure.  Just as in “The Tournament,”

the second book in the series is not devoid of secrets. Despite all that Leif and Serena have faced together, neither of them could ever have prepare themselves for what awaits.

The Fifth Age: Book Three


Fall of the Paladin


The war of Fire and Ice left only chaos in its wake. The Sovereign lands are in upheaval and a new leader comes to power. As an age-old power falls from grace and a new doctrine rules supreme, the world is forever changed.

During a time when their relationships couldn’t be more complicated, Leif, Serena, and Matt are challenged to find a way to put aside their differences and fight for their very lives.

Readers will be taken on a wild ride of fantasy and adventure as they experience the struggle for survival through the eyes of several familiar characters and even one they have yet to meet.

Discover the secret that has led everything to this point. When the final curtain falls, nothing will ever be the same.

The Fifth Age: Book Four


The Heavens Will Quake


In the end of days, a battle will come that will face all the forces of Heaven against the forces of Hell, in the final conflict for the fate of Heaven and Earth. The strength of the Creator will be tested as good and evil clash in a battle so great, even the Heavens themselves will quake.

2018: A prequel series Titled "The Dawn of the Fifth Age" is a three book series planned to begin early story production in early to mid 2018. Check back for updates.

The Fifth Age Glossary

Academy: Magical post-secondary school for Caster and Warrior classes. Attended by Vassels after the age of 11 who have shown potential to be placed in an elite class. Located on the Eastern Edge of the Sanctuary with in the Capitol city of Civilious, adjacent to the Lake and beneath the Floating City.

Avox: Sovereign territory to the East protected by the Capitol.

Centaur: Mix of a horse and a human, Half-breed. Highly honorable and intelligent. Very reclusive and often stick to their own kind.

Chamber: Indoor space, room.

Cloud Castle: Royal structure that lays at the pinnacle of the Floating City. Home to the Empress and once stood as the Palace of Life magic. Has many towers that rise up high into the sky. Permanently surrounded by a light layer of magical clouds that act as a natural protection.

Dragon: Creatures of myth, said to have been whipped out long ago by an all-powerful Phoenix and other magical entities. Legend describes them as enormous creatures that could spew fire and other magical forces from their bodies and entire armies would be hard pressed to defeat.

Empress: Person and Title, figurehead of the Sovereign lands. Lady of Life Magic and ageless keeper of the Cloud Castle.

Floating City: Mysterious in origin, it is the Nickname for the Capitol or immense floating structure that levitates above the Lake and the center of the City of Civilious. Home to the Senate, warrior class leadership and the Cloud Castle.

Griffin: Mix of a large Eagle and a Lion, Half-Breed, Commonly trained air-travel creature. Republican guard aerial Legion primary mount.

Half-Breed: Creature made up of the evolution or combination of other creatures. Includes beings such as Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs, Griffins, Bear-men, Nits and Behemoths.

Ice Ruins/Palace: Former Palace of the Ice that stood as the fortress for the Sovereign lands of the Ice long ago, before the fall. Currently in ruins and rarely visited by anyone.

Lake: The body of water at the center of the City of Civilious, beneath the Floating City. It perpetuates a great deal of Life energy that gives the surrounding area (called the Sanctuary) a powerful presence and life giving aura. Said to be bottomless and forbidden from swimming or bathing in.

Litch: Criminal or outlaw from the Sovereign lands. One who has made an illegal practice of Death magic and uses such energies to cast forbidden spells. They often have dried and rotten flesh and cover themselves in black to avoid being seen. Little is known about their inner circles as those who are captured often destroy themselves before they can be questioned. Some of the most powerful can teleport themselves using strange black sand. Some have reported they their shadow moves with a life of its own and can act as a shield to protect them.

Magic: Common term for bendable or delectable energies that can be manipulated by a caster. Has many subtypes:

Light Magic: Most common energy manipulated in the Sovereign lands. Performed by channeling pure light waves (most commonly from the sun, although other sources can be utilized), into specific beams of light the color spectrum. Each color can be utilized for different purposed and strengths.

Elemental Magic: Another common type used by many in the Sovereign lands. Consists of manipulating Earthly elements, such as water, earth, or air.

Life Magic: Primary magical energy, can only be mastered by higher level casters. Surrounds the manipulating of energy released from one or many life-forces. Often appears as warm, transparent smoke.

Fire Magic: Primary magical energy, can only be mastered by higher level casters. Involves the manipulation or creation of fire in its many forms.

Ice Magic: Primary magical energy, can only be mastered by higher level casters. Involves the manipulation or creation of Ice in its many forms.

Death Magic: Very mysterious and taboo magical type. Primary magical energy, can only be mastered by higher level casters. Only practiced by criminals and enemies of the Sovereign lands. Little is known about this magical type other than that it often leads decay, suffering, or death in its wake. Illegal users of this type often appear as misshapen or decayed bodies.

Push Magic: Incredibly rare form of Telekinesis which allows the caster to manipulate time, space, and their surroundings with the sheer force of their thoughts. Often not taught in magical lessons, as so few casters are ever able to perform the skill.

Celestial Magic: Only ever mentioned in story books and ancient text. Celestial magic is thought to be the energy utilized by the Creator to form the world and give life to everything in it. No known person or caster alive has ever performed Celestial magic.

Mylar: Commonly trained work animal. Easily trainable and walks on hind legs. Single rider, ground transportation, often used in farming or hunting in rural communities.

Nit: Living Tree Half-Breed. Very intelligent but seldom seen tree shepherds who appear only as trees unless they are awake. Cunning and fast, they defend their forest aggressively.

Sanctuary: Magical sacred area that surrounds the Lake and makes up the center of the city of Civilious. Very green and covered in trees, fields of grass and statues, it stands as city park as well as the Campus of the Academy which makes up the Eastern edge.

Sigh of Respect: Common greeting from one individual to another, especially from lower ranked to a higher. Performed by placing the dominant hand against the sternum of the chest and jutting the elbow out toward the other individual while slightly bowing the head. A common sigh of respect or courtesy.

Season: Common term for one trip around the sun, a year, or time period of 365 days.

Stretch: Common unit of measurement. One stretch is equivalent to about 2.9 feet

Thunderbird: Mysterious creatures of legend. Seldom seen by anyone, known for being enormous Eagle-like birds with feathers of pure electrical energy. Can summon Lightning bolts from within their bodies. Legend tells that they are the spirits of great fallen warriors, although their true origins are unknown.

Titan: Very little is known about Titan’s besides what is written in myth and legend. They were often considered to be somehow guardians or protectors of the earthly plane between Heaven and Hell. They are described as very powerful, giant beings with the power over electrical energy and storm.

Tournament: Single elimination exhibition of combat among Vassels held every 10 seasons. Pits Vassel against Vassel in magical and violent combat until one victor emerges. Victors are awarded a royal seal amulet and a place in the Senate upon Commencement.

Trinell: Small trading village in the Avox province known for training Mylar and mining.

Vassel: Student at the Academy, Magical or Elite warrior in training.

Warrior/Caster Classes: Elite classes that make up the governing body of the Senate. Warrior/caster types that are taught at the Academy.

Knight: Lowest level warrior class although has considerable rights and privileges over an ordinary citizen. Does not possess casting abilities, but may wield certain magical weapons. Most common class, makes up majority of Republican guard.

Mage: Low level Casting abilities, Mage’s are separated into Mage-Archers and Mage-Knights. Mostly utilize Light magic for basic spells and magic arrows.

Berserker: Non-magical warrior based in brute strength and physical fighting skill. Known for deadly swordsmanship and intense anger, they live a life of servitude and honor to their code. Higher levels wield magical weapons.

Wizard: Magical scholar class. Focus is on high level of intelligence over brute force. Many become teachers, politicians, or other wisdom focused roles. Can cast higher level spells, but often take on one magic type for mastery. Rarely use weapons, other than a staff.

Sorcerer: Elemental specialist. These casters are very focused on binding energy and creating spells from the elements. Like Wizards they often pick a magical energy (in addition to Elemental, and focus on mastery of it.

Templar: Elite magical warrior. Focus on intelligence, vigor, and tradition. They are one of the oldest and most respected classes. Mostly practice primary magic, but can often bend and manipulate any forms. Symbolized by dressing in silver robes.

Paladin: Most powerful and highest regarded of the classes. Can manipulate all forms of magical energy and take on a variety of roles at the highest of levels. Symbolized by dressing in golden robes.

Wraith: Demonic and sinister creatures that are seldom seen by anyone who lives to describe them. They possess ghostly bodies of blackened flesh and hands of bone. Their soulless eyes and faces show no emotion. They often carry very powerful weapons that will sever even the strongest of magical forged swords. Their devilish screeches pierce the soul and steal away all that gives life and hope, forcing their victims to their knees in anguish for easy demise. They have only been known to be defeated by a Paladin’s ultimate attack of an Arrow of Light.